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Akita Model (silver finish)

Code A03-MO-S £24.50 each.

Akita Brooch (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-BR-G £16.00 each.

Akita Brooch (silver finish)

Code A03-BR-S £14.50 each.

Akita Photo Frame - Landscape with Silver Finish Dog

Code A03-PL-S Price £19.50 each

Akita Ring Clip (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-RC-G £18.75 each.

Akita Ring Clip (silver finish)

Code A03-RC-S £16.25 each.

Akita Key Ring (silver finish)

Code A03-KR-S £8.00 each.

Akita Pendant (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-PE-G £18.50 each.

Akita Clutch Lapel Pin (silver finish)

Code A03-CP-S £7.00 each.

Akita Spectacle Holder (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-SH-G £16.00 each.

Akita Spectacle Holder (silver finish)

Code A03-SH-S £14.50 each.

Akita Cuff Links (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-CL-G £16.00 each.

Akita Tie Slide (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-TS-G £15.00 each.

Akita Cuff Link and Tie Slide Set (22ct gold plate)

Code A03-CT-G £22.00 each.

Akita Card Box (silver finish)

Code A03-BB-S £22.00 each.

Akita Salver with 22ct Gold Plate Dog

Code A03-SA-S £14.00 each.

Akita Veneered Shield with Silver Finish Dog

Code A03-SD-S £11.50 each.

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